"We are going to go home."

Translation:Πρόκειται να πάμε στο σπίτι.

October 23, 2016

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.. πάμε σπίτι should work too, right?

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Is Πρόκειται να πηγαίνουμε στο σπίτι not also correct?


Maaaaybe in some longer sentences (if at all), but it's always better to use the aorist subjunctive (πάμε, παίξουμε, γράψουμε, πούμε, δούμε etc) after "πρόκειται".

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Thank you very much for the insight!


Does it sound better without στο


I asked you to use the Report option which would have allowed us to check if you had used the wrong keyboard. Please check it as "mizinamo" points out it's very possibly the problem since no one else has reporte this problem


Since all of the supposed "typo" words are ones with accents, I wonder whether you are making the accent differently from how Duolingo expects them.

Could you re-type (or copy and paste) your sentence here, so that I could have a look at it, please?

For example, are you using vowels "with acute accent" rather than "with tonos", or are you using combining accents rather than precomposed vowel letters?


I just noticed this too and there's a new one today. Please check your keyboard because I found another comment in which you used the polytonic keyboard...perhaps you forgot to switch.


The first of the hints is να πας σπίτι but was marked incorrect.


Sorry, and again thanks for your always helpful comments. I've added the "να πάμε στο σπίτι."


Thank you for all your help always


I know this is a lesson on " πρόκειται" and its variations but couldn't this sentence be simply translated as θα παμε στο σπιτι?


"Θα πάμε στο σπίτι" is already one of the accepted translations. If you had a problem with your sentence it means there was some other error. Please make a report, or send a screenshot next time.

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