"Does dim rhaid i fi yfed cwrw."

Translation:I do not have to drink beer.

October 23, 2016



"I must not drink beer." Is that really wrong or a missing translation? I am not English, so I don't know, if there's a difference.

October 23, 2016


The two different Welsh constructions are fully explained in the course notes for this section.

In English, 'I do not have to drink beer' has a very different meaning from 'I must not drink beer'. The two patterns and meanings are different in Welsh as well:

  • Does dim rhaid i fi fynd - I don't have to go
  • Rhaid i mi beidio รข mynd - I must not go

Contrast those with:

  • Rhaid i mi fynd - I must go
October 23, 2016


Thanks! Seems I have to go to the web version for the notes. And I have to learn the difference in English as well. I always thought, it means the same, only with different words.

October 23, 2016


Late reply, but an explanation of the difference for any other non-native English speakers.

I don't have to go = I can either go or stay, my choice.

I must not go = I have no choice about not going.

July 13, 2017


Ond dw i eisiau yfed e.

November 14, 2018
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