"You are a kindergarten teacher and you fly there onto the roof, okay?"

Translation:Te óvónő vagy és odarepülsz a tetőre, rendben?

October 23, 2016

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What is it with this writer and flying kindergarten teachers?


My kindergarten teacher would have yelled at me had I refer to her in 2nd person! I'm saying this because Egy óvónő van és odarepül a tetőre, rendben? is not accepted.


Sorry, I'm not native and all, but I think what you said in "Egy óvónő van" is actually "There is a kindergarten teacher". "You are a kindergarten teacher" in formal speech would be "Ön óvónő", omitting the "van". Like the fourth line of this joke:

A pincér udvariasan megkérdi a vendéget: - Hogy ízlik a sült, uram? - Mint szakértő mondom, remek darab. - Ön szakács? - Nem, cipész vagyok!

To better understand this omission, read this: http://www.hungarianreference.com/Van-is-exists-omitting.aspx

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