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"Hány férfi és hány száll fel a holland repülőgépre?"

Translation:How many men and how many women are getting on the Dutch airplane?

October 23, 2016



Is it necessary to specify "hány" twice? Can I just ask "hány férfi és nő?" and be understood?


If you want to emphasize that you need to know the totals separately, this is the way to ask. Yes, you can ask "hány férfi és nő", but then you might get just one number as an answer.


Köszönöm szépen!


"geting on" = "boarding" in English and possibly more common.


Could you say felszall here rather than szall fel?


No. Its the old "focus before the verb" thing. The question phrase is "Hány férfi és hány nő" so this goes before the verb "száll" (the pre-verb is not actually the verb).


Questions containing interrogative words....Mi, Hol, Ki, Melyik, ...Hány, are automatic triggers for the prefix detachment. It's one of the 5 situations.


Thank you Judit. I do find that part of it nagyon confusing!! Really have to think about the sentence before typing an answer.


Szall fel is confusing, particularly when an aeroplane is involved. Szall le = landing and szall fel ought to mean taking off. You often use szall be to describe getting in but in this instance you use szall fel to mean getting on or, as described by Judit, boarding. All very confusing.


I guess you kinda have to picture boarding a plane - we have to go up (stairs or just up) into the plane.


Please not again-get up onto or are getting up.I am totally confused.Is there anybody who could explaine that catch It annoys and discourages Thanks for answer

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