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Duolingo copy-cat app!!

I was using my brothers phone to put duolingo on there for him and when I searched duolingo I saw an app with a bird on it for 2.99.. Looked at the details and it even says duolingo in the description and says " do not copy this app or the intellectual property". They have multiple other apps all with duolingo.. Search-- Bui Vahn Thanh. That is the developer.. It is a total ripoff and they are trying to make people pay using the duolingo name!

E: The main one has been taken down, but there are still a few apps with duolingo's name on them from the same developer

February 15, 2014



In the description of the fake app: "Do NOT copy this app, or the intellectual property of the idea of this app… You will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law." — HAHAHAAA!!!!


Why does Apple OK apps like these? I mean, they're obvious ripoffs. Isn't there some sort of screening for apps? I though it wasn't as free as the Google Play store because Apple is so controlling of their products.


LOL the app is called "Doulingo- Learn Languages for Free" yet it costs $2.99 to download....anyway it's one of the several Duolingo copycats for languages that are still in the Incubator. This one is for Vietnamese, and I've seen one by someone named wangzhulong for Chinese.


Chinese Skill by Wang Zhulong is actually not bad. If only I was good with accents :P


Talk about Apple being asleep at the wheel: copycats of the App of the Year get approved? Apple should not just take the fakes down but should check its app-approvers for sobriety.


Look on the bright side - Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Seriously, I do see it in app store and I hope Apple does take it down.


It says doulingo in the image now, but that not in the app name. Not uncommon for these copycats to misspell the name in a trivial was in order to avoid running afoul of a direct copy claim.

With such poor engrish I would be surprised if it gets a lot of buyers.


I just searched it! It is a total ripoff! I totally agree with you!


It looks like it's only an Apple thing. I don't see any such copycat on Android. At least, not after a cursory look.


Me neither -- a search just brings up the legit one, and Babbel (Babbel briefly mentions Duolingo in the description, but is clearly not pretending to be Duolingo). Apple users tend to spend more money than Android users, so it probably makes sense for a scam artist to target them first.


omg, seriously. how selfish! the things people do for a dollar. its sad, really. well, now it seems like Luis saw it, so its probably taken care of, but still! This is serious, its called scamming. people needa understand how big of a deal it is! its like taking money out of other people's pockets without them noticing until later when they need it or find out about it.


It's not just dishonest, it's copyright infringement, which is illegal. Duolingo owns the copyright to its name, image, etc. and these companies are stealing it.


i know right! its awful! has it been taken care of?


I looked for "Doulingo" several hours ago in the app store and didn't see it.

Oops I lied. I see all those fake Duo apps. :(


Duolingo's Flappy Brother! They should be banned!


Both Android and the Apple Store are starting to screen out apps named "Flappy". They should also screen out apps with the name "Duolingo"


Take out the competition!


Thanks for letting us know! We'll ask Apple to take them down, and hopefully they will.


Wouldn't Apple be held responsible as well if they didn't? As some people have noted, this isn't the only case of infringement, as there are other knock-offs/copies for other languages. Will you be pursuing those as well?

EDIT: I don't mean to be intrusive or demanding. I'm just curious.


It does seem strange, considering the many perfectly innocuous apps that have been barred from the App Store, that Apple don't check for blatant trademark infringement.


Luis, I just checked and there is now a Duo-langues and it looks like a crappy cheap program. The icon is two people giving each other a high five. I did not find a duo lingo, only the duo-langues.


They took it down :) but there are still dictionary apps that cost money and have duolingo on them


Oh wow and they stole the name. AND they said do not copy their app, but yet they're copying Duolingo.


It is a total ripoff


That is not fair at all! :(


That's terrible! I can't believe anyone would ever do that! They are terrible people!


at least it's not as bad as when you type 'flappy bird' ;)


erm..haha-hah. sarcastic


I just sent in an email to abuse@duolingo.com with the link to this conversation. If Staff isn't already aware, they will be once my report ticket comes up. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the DL community! ^_^

Update Staff is aware. It's up to Apple to take it down.


Good eye. I hope Apple acts swiftly to sort out this nonsense.


haha, that is actually pretty hilarious.


Free language learning for 2.99 lol.


Everything about this "Doulingo" app contradicts itself haha


it really happened


Do they also not have a vocabulary tab?


That's so sad. Trying to profit off of something not their own. I'm glad its not working for them! LOL


I can't find it in the App Store. Maybe it's been taken down.


It is now taken down


There is still (or again) a fake app in the apple app store. Shocked me for a moment, because i searched for "duolingo" i only found the 2.99$ rip-off. Searching for "duo lingo" i got the right app. Weird.


Can you post a screenshot or other information so Duolingo can get it removed?


Wow that is just wrong!


Should this not be a copy owl not a copy cat

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