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  5. "The dogs drink water."

"The dogs drink water."

Translation:Οι σκύλοι πίνουν νερό.

October 24, 2016



How about "σκυλιά" (instead of "σκύλοι")?


i think it's a gender problem, dog has a masculine "Οι + ..... οι" whereas neuter has "Τα + .....α" . (go to duolingo's written page on plurals or the whole part on NOUNS here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_Greek_grammar#Nouns )

Is it possible to add the articles on this link ?


The plural of the ending -os is always -oi.


The plural of the ending -os is always -oi.

That is not true.

το τείχος - τα τείχη, το είδος - τα είδη, ...

It's only true for second-declension nouns in -ος (which are masculine or feminine), not for third-declension nouns in -ος (which are neuter).


Are the rules for determining the subject and the object of a sentence the same in greek as in english?

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