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Russian Speaking Exercises?

Where are the Russian speaking exercises? Are they released yet? If not, lets turn this into an awareness post for the devs! so they know that there are people who really want this like I do!

just leave an upvote or a comment if you're looking forward to Russian speaking exercises!

October 24, 2016



Hmmm...I'm reviewing three languages and learning one new one. You are right. Russian never prompts me to speak. If it is any consolation, load the language in your language settings and click Russian. It seems to work well.


What do you mean by "speaking exercises"? The Russian for English speakers course has the same sorts of exercises that the other courses have.

There may be a Russian for English speakers "2.0" (continuation/expansion) planned, I don't know. But what is available now is all that Duo usually provides and it seems to me that there is probably nothing more planned.

If you are looking for exercises in translation from English to Russian, try doing the English for Russian speakers course, which supplements the Russian for English speakers course fairly well.


I mean the kind of exercise where you'd get a Russian sentence presented and you have to read it out loud with correct pronunciation

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