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  5. "Οι χελώνες πίνουν νερό."

"Οι χελώνες πίνουν νερό."

Translation:The turtles drink water.

October 24, 2016



Is "χελώνες" pronounced like an "h" or "chi" (chelónes)?


The pronunciation of χ can be heard in the ABC section of the tree. A bit difficult, but it is the only one I think for English speakers. Just practice it in this section. The good news is that it is always the same. :)


I never hit enter but it entered before I was ready and it counted me wrong!


Note to Duolingo: Enough with the turtles and dogs drinking water! I have yet to see or talk about a turtle in Greece.

How do I skip to harder lessons?


All the lessons in a section consists of the same material wether its nouns, possesses, medical, etc. However, Duolingo purposely makes it so the material gets harder when you get closer to polishing the section. If you want to purposly skip a level of a section, click or tap on the one you want. Secondly, in the upper right hand corner, you'll see a key. Click or tap on that. In order to skip, you have to prove that you've learned a lot by taking a test. However, it does take lingots in order to take the test, so make sure you're ready! You can miss some, but be careful. Happy learning :)

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