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"Το κορίτσι φοράει ένα κόσμημα."

Translation:The girl is wearing a piece of jewelry.

October 24, 2016



As a native English speaker, I would expect "jewel" to be given an adjective of some sort. Such as; The girl is wearing a cheap/expensive/old/colorful jewel. Otherwise, I would say; The girl is wearing jewelry.


Which is a very good observation, actually. The case is the same in Greek as well (meaning that, you'd either say ακριβό/φτηνό/μεγάλο etc. κόσμημα, or just κοσμήματα.) We'll keep this one in mind for the new tree, thank you. ^.^


Is this meaning she is wearing a jewel as in a piece of jewelry? Like she is wearing a diamond ring or something like that?


Would a correct translation of κόσμημα be jewelry?


Why the fk does it show you what the translation is... you use it and it marks you like it is wrong


If you made a spelling mistake, your sentence is marked wrong.

Also, if you mixed up your keyboards (for example, uaed a capital latin character instead of a greek one), your sentence is marked wrong.

So please make sure to double check your answer.


an item of jewellery is also right

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