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"Вона фотографувала у аеропорту."

Translation:She took pictures at the airport.

October 24, 2016



Isn't 'аеропорту' the dative? Or it's called locative by Duo because it functionally acts as such, not because this is the ordinary grammatical form of the locative? I doubt 'аеропорт' is considered as a u-stem noun from Ukrainians, which is the only etymologically consistent explanation to have the loc (and all other oblique cases) ending in '-у'...


I think in Ukrainian Locative and Dative basically overlap. I can't remember any examples where they have a different form (but I have a vague memory of them existing), so yes, you are basically safe just remembering the Dative form when you need to use у, на, під, з and so on.


I have an question, but about english. What would be better to use:

Take photos or Take pictures?

and do they have any specifics of usage?

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