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Greek Scripture on Resident Evil game.

Hi all.

I found some greek scripture while playing Resident Evil the other day, and I wonder what it means, maybe some smart students of the greek language like you can help :)

Sorry if it is a little pixelated :S



October 24, 2016



It's not exactly gibberish.

The first word is capcom, the series' developer. It's written with the corresponding greek characters on the standard qwerty keyboard.

The second word makes no sense but the following three lines are just

qwertyuiopas asdfghjkl zxcvbnm

plus some random keystrokes interjected and the rest are random and serial keystrokes combined.


Thanks, I was waiting for a creepy message to be honest haha!


They clearly think Greek script is in itself menacing enough :)


Yeah, reminds me of greek mythology and the underworld.


The second word reads "ünkhbenl" with Ancient Greek pronunciation, so it might be a poor attempt at transliterating "umbrella", the evil organization in Resident Evil. Just guessing work though.


Thanks, I guess is just advertising :P


It does not mean anything in Greek. It is greek script but it is gibberish.


That's disappointing :(


It is usual to use Greek for some cryptic phrases. BUT Greek is just another language, as all the others, spoken by some million people in everyday life as most of them. Ancient Greek could be considered as a bit mysterious, but actually it is not. Just the Greek letters in some fonts seem to have some mystery as they are written in old books. An impression that comes from the romantic period of the literature in Europe and the US. So as a combination of Greek letters to be used as symbols of some witchery. :)


They may also attract ancient alchemy enthusiasts. :P

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