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"Ebben az állatkertben csíkos állatok vannak: csíkos teknősök, csíkos békák, csíkos oroszlánok."

Translation:There are striped animals in this zoo: striped turtles, striped frogs and striped lions.

October 24, 2016



Striped lions? Is that what you call a tiger? :-)


The words of the word bank overlap with the ones that are picked, so it is not possible to plug in "oroszlanok". This is not the only case.


-------- when you know the correct response and the word bank won't let you say it, flip over to the written version and write it in . . .

Big 21 feb 19


There's not always an option to type. I wish to type more often, but some lessons only offers the word bank.


What can a novice language possibly learn from this??


The word "csikos"? PLus the words for zoo, animal, turtle, frog , and lion; plus the agreement of the pronoun with the noun.


This sentence is too long. I reported it, but since the new layout only allows me to choose from set options, I had to say it has an error.


The long sentences tend to be solved from the beginning. All the buttons were in the right places already


No striped kindergarten teachers.. yet.

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