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  5. "What are we going to eat?"

"What are we going to eat?"

Translation:¿Qué vamos a comer?

February 9, 2013



Is there a reason that "Que nosotros vamos a comer" is incorrect? I understand it's redundant but it's not usually rejected by Duo when you include the personal pronoun


In Mexico, "qué vas a tomar" as asked by a waiter definitely means, What are you going to drink. (Para mi, cerveza oscura, por favor).


Tomar can mean eat also.


Only in the case of breakfast. "¿Qué vamos a tomar?" really means "What are we going to drink?"


I too want to ask why 'que nosotros vamos a comer' is incorrect.


My dictionary says that tomar can mean to - take, pick up, conquer, eat, drink - in this order plus quite a few other things. This is why I thought tomar could mean eat.


The waiter in a Mexican restaurant will walk up and ask "Que toma?" the way a US bartender may ask "What are you having?" but he's asking what you want to drink, in my experience.


While it can mean to eat, it really means to drink (when it concerns food).


Would it be wrong to say: "Cuál vamos a comer?"


Cuál and Qué still confuse me as well. I think in this case though it is a difference between saying what and which. Cuál can mean what, but I read somewhere that when asking for preference you usually use Qué unless you are selecting from a list in which case Cuál would translate as which. Not %100 sure so a second opinion would be good.


I have the same question. cual vs que is a problem for me!


One of my favorite sentences...

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