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  5. "Y rheolaeth bell"

"Y rheolaeth bell"

Translation:The remote control

October 24, 2016


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This has just come up for me in a revision session (using the website) I thought this phrase was incorrect and it should have been deleted when all the zombie sentences were deleted recently?


This one is not a zombie - it has not been deleted - it is just incorrect! We cannot easily correct it until Tree2, I think, but we can try.

The correct version - y rheolydd pell - should appear as a prompt about half the time, and it will always be accepted as the correct answer to a 'remote control' prompt in English.

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Thanks for your reply. The Tips and notes say it can't be deleted during beta testing, so I was assuming that it should have gone by now. If you can't delete it it might be helpful to update the tips and notes to explain that it can't be corrected until Tree2. Diolch.


Just waiting on an answer from a colleague...

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