October 24, 2016



why is 'fwya' not correct?


Because when it stands alone, there is nothing to cause it to mutate.

A common reason for it to mutate is when it follows a feminine noun or when it is referring to someone or something feminine:

  • Y gadair fwyaf yn yr ystafell yw hon - cadair (chair) is feminine (you can tell that because it has mutated after y), so mwyaf must take a soft mutation.
  • Y siop fara ydy'r un fwyaf yn ein pentref - 'The bread shop is the biggest one in our village'. yr un fwyaf ('the biggest one) is referring to the siop. Siop is a feminine noun, so mwyaf has had to mutate to fwyaf.


Is the pronunciation on the TTS right on this one, it sounds like mwy-ar or is it a more fluid mwya


It is pronounced as a single word with no breaks.

To hear a real-voice pronunciation, look up mwyaf at http://gweiadur.com/en/Pawb - click on the speaker icon next to the word. (You will need to register, but that is free and the dictionary is a very useful one.)

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