"Il lunedì segue la domenica."

Translation:Monday follows Sunday.

February 10, 2013

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That was very bad quality of pronunciation.


Why translation "the Monday follows the Sunday" is incorrect? Will it, also, be correct say In Italian, "Lunedi segue domenica"? I will appreciate a comment by someone. (I am beginner.)


I guess it's the same reason you write "Sunday" with a capital letter and "domenica" without one. It's like in Italian the weekdays are just words, and in English they're "names", and therefore don't require a definitive (=the)


Good explanation! Thanks!!


Agreed. "Lunedì" is not decipherable from that audio.


the spoken lunedi doesn't sound like the word


It sounds like "Il lune di segue la domenica", because in the word "lunedì" the stress should be on the last syllable.


I seem to get away with a lot when I am asked to speak it into the microphone ... including several times I've spoken in English by accident and duo accepted it! (note: I am actually quite impressed that they can do it at all, and grateful for that functionality ;-)
Conversely, this exercise is good for me because it forces me to speak it at a reasonable speed, and duo's software is good about marking it wrong when I slow down or stumble.


I agree totally. The sound is so poor - it is robotic

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