"Diese Meinung ist eher allgemein."

Translation:This view is rather common.

6 years ago


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Cool, I did hit the "right" translation by duolingo because I correctly guessed that they would translate "allgemein" with "common". But if I meant to say "rather common", I would say "Diese Meinung ist ziemlich häufig." or "... ziemlich verbreitet"

Common has several meanings and respective translations. "common anchestor" would be "gemeinsame Vorfahren". "common law" could be "allgemeines Recht" but "rather common" is definitely "ziemlich verbreitet".

Trying to translate "diese Meinung ist eher allgemein", I would say "This opinion is rather generic."

6 years ago

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I did the same, because I kept getting "wrong" for less literal but more natural answers. Now I get it right by doing a rather bad literal translation...

5 years ago

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I put, "This opinion is somewhat general" and it was marked wrong. Can someone explain?

2 years ago

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I also said 'somewhat'. The English use of 'rather' is frequently incomprehensible to other English speakers.

11 months ago


how does one know which translation of Meinung is correct: view, belief, opinion

6 months ago
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