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"Diese Meinung ist eher allgemein."

Translation:This view is rather common.

February 10, 2013



Cool, I did hit the "right" translation by duolingo because I correctly guessed that they would translate "allgemein" with "common". But if I meant to say "rather common", I would say "Diese Meinung ist ziemlich häufig." or "... ziemlich verbreitet"

Common has several meanings and respective translations. "common anchestor" would be "gemeinsame Vorfahren". "common law" could be "allgemeines Recht" but "rather common" is definitely "ziemlich verbreitet".

Trying to translate "diese Meinung ist eher allgemein", I would say "This opinion is rather generic."


I did the same, because I kept getting "wrong" for less literal but more natural answers. Now I get it right by doing a rather bad literal translation...


eher sounds like er in this


Yes i agree and i got it wrong as a result!


I do not know if they fixed it, but it seems like a veery subtle difference, a very slightly longer "ee" before the "her" (in "eher"). It's kind of to syllables, very close to each other.

This in contrast to "er", where you kind of just say "e", and then open yoir mouth for the "r". So that's one syllable.

Hope that helps


how does one know which translation of Meinung is correct: view, belief, opinion


judgement, idea or one's mind?


I put, "This opinion is somewhat general" and it was marked wrong. Can someone explain?


"This opinion is pretty general" was not accepted. Too literal?


Ha ha. To me, the English 'This opinion is rather common' is said with nose in the air and cut-glass accent, and means it's awfully vulgar, darling. 'Widespread', perhaps?


this opinion is more or less common


What is the etymological connection between "allgemein" and "gemeinsam"?


Interesting question - long answer: First it should be said that "Diese Meinung ist eher allgemein." sounds nonsensical in German. As a native speaker I read this as "This opinion is rather unspecific." or "rather general" or "generic", explicitely missing the meaning "prevailing". So it makes me wonder about the intended meaning. First idea: Someone made a literal translation of: "This opinion is rather common." Which could be translated into German as: "Diese Meinung ist ziemlich weit verbreitet." Or "Diese Meinung ist ziemlich häufig." Or "Diese Meinung ist allgemein üblich." "üblich" (prevailing) is essential here.

As to "gemein", this word has more than a Thousand years of history, and therefore got several non obvious meanings. Originally it means "together", often used as "gemeinsam" (sounding positive). It put forth "Gemeinde" in the meanings of "parish" and "municipality" (neutral) and "Gemeinschaft"="collective" (also positive). Then there is "das gemeine Volk" meaning "common people", often having negative connotations, but sometimes carrying respect too. From the negative sense has come a different use of "gemein" in the sense of "mean", the words are etymologically related btw. As this negative meaning is the predominant association of "gemein" in spoken German, you should be careful using it in the old sense not to irritate conversational partners as you could with using "mean" in the wrong context. Therefore the biological term "die gemeine Stubenfliege" = "the common housefly" sounds funny to children.

"gemeinsam" as "working together" has definitely nice associations. The suffix "-sam" sets it apart from the "mean"-connotation, "-sam" is used similarly as "-some" in English, so "gemeinsam" is expressing "in the togetherness way".

"allgemein" means "common to all". "Es ist allgemein bekannt."="It is common knowledge." It is also used in the sense of "general", "generic" or "comprehensive". Die "AOK, die Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse" is the general public health insurance.


eher = really? (Please don't say 'No, because it's not the LITERAL counterpart', I know that. I want to know if the English use of 'really' corresponds to 'eher' or if it's too definite.)


good way to remember this. all - common, generic or general i.e. everyone

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