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  5. "We live with our parents."

"We live with our parents."

Translation:Nous vivons chez nos parents.

February 10, 2013



Isn't this translated to "We live at our parent's house" ? This is a different sentence, the original does not even have 'house' in it. So "Nous vivons avec nos parents" should be the only correct answer...


That depends on the context. The other meaning is very possible nowadays ;D


What's the difference between "habiter" and "vivre" and can "vivre" be used just like "to live" in English, or is there a nuance? I thought that "nous habitons avec nos parents" would be a better translation in this case.


Nothing wrong with it, in my opinion. It comes down to subtlety of what's being said. Habiter is correct to say living in a house obviously. Vivre is more abstract but no less meaningful in this sense.


when do you use 'notre' and when do you use 'nos'


Notre is singular, nos is plural.

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