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"Quest'orologio da tasca ha più di settant'anni."

Translation:This pocket watch is more than seventy years old.

February 15, 2014



This can be very hard for people whom english is not native language.


clock? watch? is it not the same word "orologia"?


Yes, same word 'orologio' but here it is 'orologio da tasca' = pocket watch. You wouldn't have a pocket clock.


Incidentally, that is about when they stopped making them, I would estimate.


So I use the number 70 instead of writing it and it was marked wrong this should be corrected


Ha=has while è=is, so why not "tasca è piu di settant'anni


When you use time as an age, you always use "avere" (ho, hai, ha, abbiamo, etc.) instead of "essere". It's just a rule that must be remembered.

Ho trent'anni = I have thirty years = I am thirty years old

You''d never say "Sono trent'anni" because the verb essere means that you "are" something, interchangeable with something. The "essence" of something, in other words.

Sono un uomo = I am: a man
Sono venti anni = I am: 20 years. Not really, you are 20 years old .
In the same way that you wouldn't say "I am a fox". You would say I am "as clever as" a fox.


I have my answer correct but is not accepting it. This pocket watch "is" more than seventy years. It is not accepting the word "is". Very annoying.

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