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  5. "Η εβδομάδα"

"Η εβδομάδα"

Translation:The week

October 24, 2016



Apparently this is from the same root as hept- ‘seven’. I wonder what triggered the change from voiceless to voiced though.


The Romance languages (all?) also derive their words for "week" from the root of "seven". In Italian you can see it best (settimana from sette), while Spanish (semana) and French (semaine) dropped the latter part for some reason.


why is it not ευδομαδα?


Because that spelling is not correct. One cannot replace the syllable εβ with ευ because they produce the same sound. This is a basic rule for pretty much every single letter and diphthong, that they are not interchangeable (except for some cases that the old spelling of a word and the new one are oth used and acceptable, like αβγό-αυγό, αυτί-αφτί, τρένο-τραίνο etc.) ^.^

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