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"There is a magazine for everyone."

Translation:Ein Magazin ist für jeden vorhanden.

February 10, 2013



Twofold confusion here.

  • "magazine" in English is commonly used, and a German would also understand "Magazin" as meaning "magazine" because there is the German (English influenced) term "Nachrichtenmagazin", the literal translation of "news magazine". In the same way the terms "Modemagazin" or "Männermagazin" are not uncommon. But the naked word "Magazin" is not so commonly used. The German word for magazine is "Zeitschrift".

And adding to the confusion "Magazin" in German means firstly "clip" (for rounds) secondly "warehouse", also in the meaning of arsenal if I remember right.

  • duolingo translates "available" as "vorhanden". "Vorhanden" means "existing" and yes it is similar to "there is" too. But you would only seldom use "vorhanden", it has a rather strong ring to it, as if you mean to distinguish explicitely between existent and non-existent. The usual word for "there is" is just "gibt" from "geben".

So "There is a magazine for everyone." would be "Es gibt für jeden eine (passende) Zeitschrift." You would insert the "passende"="fitting" here if you mean it in the sense of to their liking.

A flight attendent could also say "Es gibt für jeden eine Zeitschrift." meaning no one will be left out.


I completely agree. Another way to get across the meaning of "Es gibt für jeden eine (passende) Zeitschrift" would be "Es gibt eine Zeitschrift für jedermann".

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