"We go in, and you go away?"

Translation:Mi bemegyünk, ti pedig elmentek?

October 24, 2016

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You can be te or ti - but only ti is accepted :(


mentek el? I though in questions those two parts should be separated?


Hocus focus.
Whether you separate the prefix from the verb has nothing to do with it being a question, but rather what you want to focus on. If you have a question word (!) like ki or a phrase like hány nő, they want to be in the focus, of course, since that's what you want to have answered. But in yes-or-no questions like this one, the focus is on the verb, à la "Do you do this or do you not do this?" Thus, the prefix should remain attached.


In Hungarian you wouldn't say Mi bemegyünk, it would be Mi megyünk be,


Where is the 'and'?


The preferred translation is "Bemegyünk, ti pedig elmentek?"


Why not Mi bemegyünk? The pattern is broken on a whim?


There was no way to know if you was singular or plural. I should not be counted wrong for using the singular, it should be Another acceptable solution.


It is accepted.

Mi bemegyünk, te pedig elmész?


In an example just before, és was used and I had put pedig. (It was also a sentence with contrast.) Now és is not accepted for this example, but pedig is.

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