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"Το εμπόριο είναι η δραστηριότητα του άντρα μου."

Translation:Commerce is my husband's occupation.

October 24, 2016


[deactivated user]

    "Activity" instead of "occupation"?


    Could business be used instead of activity?


    Is there a difference between άνδρας and άντρας? Like one means man and the other husband respectively?


    No. άνδρας is a spelling that is more influenced by Ancient Greek, άντρας is a more modern spelling.

    It's more like "encyclopædia/encyclopaedia/encyclopedia" - the spelling varieties coexist in the language without difference in meaning.


    Both types are used in the same way. It's a false by Duolingo.


    What is the difference between trade and commerce?


    In the Greek, the words ανδρας και αντρας are exactly the same


    Occupation is wrong, activity is correct


    For the first one: "trade" should probably be accepted as well; I've added it now.

    For the second one -- you wrote "my husband´s" with an acute accent ´ rather than "my husband's" with an apostrophe '. (You made the same mistake in your comment, when you wrote "What´s" rather than "What's".)


    Wow. Well spotted. But my keyboard does not have a separate apostrophe, at least not one I can see. The only character I have available seems to be ´. I´ve used it as I just did, for years on this computer. Should I use a combination to get a true apostrophe?


    What keyboard do you use?

    Is it a physical keyboard attached to a Windows PC or a Mac, or a "soft keyboard" (on-screen)?

    Which language is the keyboard designed for? UK English? US English? Some other language?

    I'm sure there is a way to get a plain apostrophe on your keyboard, even if it may not be obvious at first -- if you let me know what kind you have, perhaps I can help. (Alternatively/Additionally, you could try taking a picture of it and uploading it and letting me know where to find the picture.)


    I've found it, as you can see here! I checked online, and in an implausible place someone mentioned that in my Ubuntu/Dell Latitude laptop setup you have to press the apostrophe key followed by the space bar to get the true upright apostrophe. Yay! '''' Thanks anyway for your quick response; I should have looked online before bothering you.


    Ah - a dead-key keyboard!

    Well, I'm glad you found the solution :)


    I think "commerce" is the whole process, while "trade" is the "art" the "skill" of people to exchange goods. It is just an idea from my experience.

    As for the second, when a woman in Greece says "Ο άντρας(άνδρας) μου" 99.99% means "her husband".


    My answer is: Commerce is my husband's activity. Why this is wrong"


    It's not, added. Thanks!

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