"What is your main job?"

Translation:Ποια είναι η βασική σου εργασία;

October 25, 2016

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Would τι be ok here instead of ποια? why or why not?


Τι has the meaning of "what kind..?" mostly. So, τι είναι η δουλειά σου;=what kind is your job? would get an answer like "my job is satisfing but a bit hard". But τι δουλειά κάνεις= what kind of job do you do? gets an answer "i am a dentist etc". In other questions: Τι είναι η διεύθυνσή σου; would be wrong because it has a meaning of "what kind is your address" and an expected answer is "my address is.. uh, an address". So, τι is used for asking characteristics or with the meaning of "what kind...?".


ok thanks for the explanation. From recollection, I think τι is used to ask the person's name. Τι είναι το όνομα σου;, and I thought τι might work when asking for job also. So now i know they are different.


Τι είναι το όνομά σου; is wrong for the same reasons. Ποιο είναι το όνομά σου; is correct. :)


*Ποιο είναι

(one syllable, no accent -- if I'm not mistaken)


Ahh thanks so much for the correction. I remembered it wrong from the very beginning. lol


Yep, right, I wrote it fast and put the accent without thinking it. I'll edit it.


Maybe I've been running in uneducated circles, but I'm fairly certain I've heard "Τι είναι το όνομά του;" colloquially by many Greek speakers. I even asked some native family members, who, albeit are rusty, vouched for "Τι".

Are you sure it's not at least colloquially viable?


Sorry for the late answer. I have personally never used it or heard it and it sounds off (I am native).


I wrote ' ποια ειναι βασική δουλεια σου ; ' marked incorrect. ?


With your explanation there is not an understandable situation. What is poia and ti difference when we are asking what


In. English, when we're talking about a person, we can either use "who" or "what". Who is your husband and what is your husband get different answers. There is no such distinction in English for objects, though.
What is your job? can get answers like "electrical engineer" or "my job is lucrative". Greek makes a distinction, though, with Ποιος and τι that can be used for both people and objects. I think some examples will show the difference:
Ποιος είναι ο άντρας σου=Who is your husband? gets an answer like "the one with the curly hair standing over there"
Ποια είναι η δουλειά σου; =what is your job? gets an answer like "nurse, electrical engineer etc"
Τι είναι ο άντρας σου=What is your husband (like)? gets an answer like "My husband is sweet and generous"
Τι είναι η δουλειά σου; = what is your job? gets an answer like "my job is well paid but tiring".
Can you see the difference between the answers given to ποιος/ποια/ποιο and τι;
Think of an object as a person. Would you use who/which one = Ποιος/ποια/ποιο or what = τι to make the same question?


Which is the actual difference between δουλιά and εργασία ? One is job like a profession or something that has to be done, and the other one is the work like the concept of work that people is doing, am I wrong?


I can't check the tips on my cellphone but with βασικος δικος ιδιος is the construction always η βάσικη μου εργασία, with the possessive pronoun before the noun? Never η βάσικη εργασία μου?


It can be any of those two constructions. ;)


Which of those two would you say is the most appropriate or the most commonly used by helens?


Ποια είναι η βασική εργασία σου ; --- Right or wrong?


Έχετε δίκιο (you're right), it's fine to move the pronoun to the end :)
D gives a good explanation here if you're interested:


Τι είναι η βασική σας δουλειά was marked wrong. Google translator gives the transalation as. What is your main job? So why marked wrong?


Please read the previous comments, there are multiple explaining why using Τι is wrong. Google translate does a poor job, especially when it comes to Greek. I suggest using it only to decipher something you don't understand at all, not for finer grammatical points.


Why not "ποια είναι η βασική σου δουλειά;" ?

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