"A puha, fehér nyuszi elugrik a hideg folyótól."

Translation:The soft, white bunny is jumping away from the cold river.

October 25, 2016

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Rabbit should be ok too


Yes, the rabbit is alright and sends her regards. :)


Apologies, I now see I put Th soft white bunny etc. Not the computer's fault after all.


In English, we wouldn't say 'jumping away' from a river - it's either 'jumping out' or 'jumping from'. You might, however, say, 'jump out' and 'runs away'.


This is where Hungarian is rather clever, (he says grudgingly!). We know that the bunny wasn't IN the cold river because then we would have had folyóból and almost certainly kiugrik. Now the bunny would be jumping OUT of the river. Here, however, it is jumping away from the cold river and we have folyótól paired with elugrik. Presumably the bunny felt the cold coming off the water and jumped away from it or was scared of falling in. There are lots of possible explanations.


Does bunny means something like demintive of rabbit


Bunny = "Nyuszi" (young rabbit, or just a significant and therefore the pet form usage, exactly like in english), Rabbit = "Nyúl" - which can be confused with "nyúl" the verb (exactly same writing), which means "to reach (for stg.)".


You are right Hungarians also like deminitives just like Russians and in every situation they are glad to use some kind of deminitives Szivesen szivecske, fogylalt fogyi


I put bunny and it wasn't accepted. I've reported it because nyuszi is bunny. Nyul is rabbit. What seems to have happened is that bunny was wanted, people have clamoured for rabbit, the computer has been tweaked and now bunny isnt accepted.

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'The fluffy white rabbit...' was not accepted :(


The soft white rabbit jumps away the cold river.


"Egy McFly-t senki sem nevezhet nyuszinak!" (Michael J. Fox)


Jumps away from versus is jumping away from. What difference do you suppose we should understand?


In English, bunnies hop. Y'all should allow hop for jump. Thanks!

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