"Abból az országból jövök én is."

Translation:I am coming from that country too.

October 25, 2016



I, too, come from that country. - reported

May 25, 2017


Does this mean "that's where I started my journey", or what I suspect is intended, "I am a citizen of that country" - in which case "I come from" is correct and "I am coming from" is a common error in learners' English

June 19, 2017


The meaning is ambiguous and changes based on context.
BTW, I don't think an English speaker would ever say, "I am coming from _(country)." Maybe, maybe if they're in an airport talking about where they just flew from, but even then they'd probably say, "I just came from __."

June 23, 2017


Hi, since there is no present simple and present continuous in Hungarian, - I, too, come from England (as a citizen); and - I am coming from England (to be here in France) translate the same.

September 20, 2018


Coming from a country - as in being born there - is normally expressed by adding an "I" to the country rather than using the verb to come ie Új-zélandi vagyok

September 20, 2018


i am also coming from that country was rejected. reported.

October 25, 2016
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