"Those trees that stand on the white mountain are green."

Translation:Azok a fák zöldek, amelyek a fehér hegyen állnak.

October 25, 2016

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Why not "Azok a fák, amelyek a fehér hegyen állnak, zöldek."?


Agreed, my hungarian wife thinks this is better


------- e'n is . . .

Big 6 feb 19


Same here, my Hungarian family says yours is better than the sentence from Duolingo.


I have the same question. This was my (incorrect) answer as well.


Is there any reason that the relative pronoun here must be amelyek, and not just amik?


Yes, the noun that it refers to ("fák") is present in the sentence, therefore the correct usage is "amelyek". When the noun is missing, that's when you use "amik".

"Azok a fák, amelyek..."
"Azok, amik..."

This is just the main rule, there was a deeper discussion here, for example:


Very useful details. Thank you!


In spoken Hungarian I would rather use "amik" in this case. It probably depends on the dialect, but I only occasionaly use "amelyek" in the spoken language.


Yes, of course, the spoken language is always more forgiving. And the use of "ami" is spreading like wild fire. It has its place, and the rules for its use are not as black and white as I might have described it here and there. But I think a language course should teach the rules most of all, and let the students learn to break them on their own. :) Teaching should always aim higher, because no student will learn 100% of what is being taught. Knowing the rules will give you a strong foundation, and the rest is up to you. :)


Exactly, I completely agree. I just wanted to emphasize that using "amik" in this case is not incorrect.


Flashback to Choices 1 - As of the end of the Level 2 unit - is the second worst section of the Hungarian tree......only outdone by Choices 2.

Azok a fák - those trees.......zöldek - "outcome of the nested sentence (plural to match the noun)"

amelyek - "that" (plural when a noun is named)

a fehér hegyen állnak - the white onmountain stands (plural to match noun)


Oh, you haven't reached Dir Conj 1,2,3 yet... When you reach them, you will reconsider which is the worst unit :(


Yeah, my rankings will change. Lol. I am just there are people here who still help despite our frustration. This is a wild language :). Eastern Europeans are smart for a reason!


How many trees

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