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"Pending" assignments?

I recently scheduled a skill to assign on a later date. That date has since passed, but rather than my students' statuses saying "not started" or "started" all of them show as "Pending". What does this mean?

October 25, 2016



I am having this problem too, but only with some of my classes and not all of them. I don't understand. I really was excited about being able to post assignments ahead of time, but now this is just causing more problems and more work.


I'm having the same issue. I've had to go in and assign it for the current date as the start date. It's frustrating because having the ability to send out assignments early saves me having to go in and do these sorts of things...


Hi all, we're trying to see it on our end and cannot replicate this issue, although it is troubling that there are several people who appear to be experiencing it. Please let us know next time it happens to you. It would be helpful if you give us more information, take screenshots and/or leave the problem assignments up (don't delete it) so that we can look at it from our end to see if we can find the issue. Thanks for your help with this!


So I have had this happen to me twice now, but in different classes. I posted a future assignment with a start date and an end date. 2 of my classes showed pending or that I had new students join the class and I had to accept them (which non of them were new students). This last time I put the assignment in Monday (yesterday) with a start date of that very day, and 2 of my classes again showed "pending" and the other one showed that I had to accept these new students. These were not the same classes as the last time, and I did not try to put in a future date, just an end date of Friday. I edited the "pending" assignment, and then accepted the "new students." It is a little frustrating because I don't know this is happening until my students do the entire assignment and then ask me why they did not get the email that said it was complete. I hope we can figure out why this is happening. Thank you!


Thanks for the explanation! When you have an assignment in a "wrong" state, please let us know while it is up, so we can go and take a look at it! Being able to see or replicate will be essential in order to identify the bug.


How do we get that to you? It would be really helpful if you guys had an email address to be able to send these sorts of things to.


I have assignments like this up right now. I am trying to check my students' work but all of the assignments say pending... Thanks.


I will try scheduling an assignment again this weekend and will document if it doesn't work. Thanks for responding!


I am having this issue today, how do you want me to show you my problem? Can you see my classes so see what is going on?


The problem with "leaving" it, at least in my experience, is that it messes up subsequent assignments for certain classes and makes it even more difficult in the short run. I do have one example still in one of my classes- EspaƱol 1-8 on my account, assignment dated for December 9th, 2016.


Hi all, thank you so much for your reports! We have reproduced this on our end and are working on a fix! We are going to try and retroactively start assignments that are caught in the "pending" state when the fix is ready.

In the meantime, feel free to delete or recreate assignments - no need to keep the incorrect ones around anymore. Thanks again for reporting this and sorry for the inconvenience! We want this feature to be as useful and time-saving as possible and we understand that it's crucial that you can rely on assignments starting as scheduled.


Yesterday I scheduled an assignment to begin today (14 Nov) at 7am EST. As of 7:05am EST today (14 Nov) two of my three classes are displaying that the assignment has successfully been assigned, but one is still showing "Pending".


I have 6 classes on Duolingo. They all have the same assignment 200XP from Nov/9-Nov/22. Three of these groups have a pending status. I am really concern because this is an assignment that they need to complete while I am in medical leave and there is no way for me to know who has or has not complete it during my absence. Please help!


I am having this same issue still. On December 8, I assigned students to complete 50 XP on Duolingo. Start date December 9 at 8 a.m. and end date December 16 at 8 a.m. When December 9th came, the assignment never posted and it still shows as "pending" for all students. When I go to edit the assignment, it does not allow me to fix the issue. My only options are to change the dates or delete the assignment altogether. On the student's end, it shows that the assignment has already been completed even though they didn't do it.


Update: this should now be fixed. When we fixed it, it is possible that accumulated emails that had been waiting to be sent went out. If your students cannot see their assignments, please have them see this.


Usually "pending" means the computer's assigning it and comparing your students' progress to the assignment. If you refresh the page after a second it should update itself for those who have finished it and those who are yet to begin.


Jeffery, that's what I initially thought too (and tried). However, I confirmed with my students - by looking at the site under their log-in - that they did not see the assignment I had scheduled. They also did not receive the email reminder I tried to send.

To clarify, I scheduled the assignment Friday afternoon to appear on Saturday morning. As of today (Tuesday) the assignment was still showing "Pending". I decided to cancel it and assign a different skill, which showed up without issue. Looks like several other people are having the same issue.


This is also happening to me. I have 6 total courses in Duo and two weeks ago it happened in one of them... this week it happened in two more of them. In all of the cases they were assignments I scheduled in advance. I have left my problem assignments up and have screenshots of what it looks like. How do I get them to you?


I was having success with scheduled assignments but this week, when I went to check scores, I am also getting the "pending" beside the student names. Has this been fixed yet?


Has there been any resolution on this "pending" situation? I tried to schedule future assignments and still get the pending message. I don't mind creating an assignment every week, but the convenience factor of scheduling assignments was very nice.


Same problem here. Created an assignment to start today at 7am and it still shows as "pending" for all of my classes.


Has there been any update on this issue? I had surgery and have been out of school but was looking forward to this feature. Unfortunately the assignment is "pending."


Hi everyone! I just shared an update here. =]


I am having the same issue here. I assigned 10-day assignments to five different classes. It's 7 days in, and I have just realized that only one of the five worked! The other four are pending. What a nightmare!

I know a fix is in the works, but in the meantime, how can I tell which students have been working on the assignment and which haven't? This was worked up as a really important assignment in my classrooms, and it would be very unfair to my students if I don't count their work. Any help or suggestions would be so appreciated!


This remains an issue - the "pending" bug has messed up another round of assignments for my classes. I no longer trust the assignment scheduler. Can we get an update on this bug?


It happened to me today. I had set future assignments for everyday this week without issue until today. Editing the assignment just prompts you to start the assignment for a later time but it still fails to start the assignment or notify students. Unfortunately, I think I'll have to assign the homework assignments on the day off instead until this issue gets fixed. :/

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