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can't unlock next lesson in french adjectives 2

I've done the first lesson in French adjectives 2 about 6 times successfully, but the next level is not unlocking. What should I do?

February 10, 2013



Same here - it's not just you. I've sent some feedback using the tab on the left so hopefully the Duolingo people are taking a look.


Thanks! This is a bug and we are working on fixing it.


Thanks Luis for letting us know.


The bug has been fixed (some of you might need to retake the lesson), thanks for your feedback!


I just started adjectives today but after lesson three it is locked merci


Your account seems fine, can you let us know if the problem is still happening?


Hello I am trying to load french adjectives lesson two and for about a week I've tried it daily and it will not load. I'm not sure why


Hi mattb12456, I checked your account and it seems fine, lesson #2 of French Adjectives-1 is unlocked for you, and it works. If the problem is still happening, can you click on "Support" on the left and send us a screenshot? Thanks!


I have almost the same problem. I don't get skill points and cannot continue the lessons in "food" and "animal" Thank for checking my account.

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