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Why doesn't the clock pause on timed-practice when you "discuss answer"?

Why doesn't the clock pause on timed-practice when you "discuss" an answer. You've already gotten it wrong, and the next question hasn't come up yet so you can't cheat. Shouldn't you be able to pause when discussing or reporting a problem? Especially when you think there is something seriously wrong with it? How can I get duolingo to change this?

February 16, 2014



Yes! Here's a lingot. That seems pretty glitchy to me - aren't we supposed to figure out why we made a mistake?


Sweet, thanks for the lingot! :)


Have another! Cheers!


I fully agree. For new concepts, I rely fairly heavily on Discussion to explain what I've done wrong.


This is the suggestion I had as well. Either stop the clock while "report[ing] a problem" or "discuss[ing an] answer" or allow access to these features from the review the lesson page.


Just dropping in to add my support for this. I get that it is another bit of code to add but I feel like it would be worth the effort to pursue.

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