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  5. "Οχτώ κιλά."

"Οχτώ κιλά."

Translation:Eight kilos.

October 25, 2016



"Οκτώ κιλά"

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Yes. that's also acceptable.


DL graded "Οκτώ κιλά" as incorrect (Apr 17, 2017).


I'm looking at this sentence discussion on a PC browser, and there I see the original as Greek and the expected translation as English.

Since you entered something in Greek, I expect that you had this exercise as a listening exercise -- and there I believe we cannot add any alternatives: you have to type what the voice says, not what you might say.

Sentences that are pronounced identically (notoriously αυτή είναι, αυτοί είναι) we then simply have to disable the sound to prevent them being used as a listening exercise, but -χτ- and -κτ- are not pronounced identically; the difference in spelling corresponds to a difference in pronunciation.

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