"Does he know how to play the guitar?"

Translation:Ξέρει πώς να παίζει κιθάρα;

October 25, 2016

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I wrote: Ξέρει πώς να παιξει την κιθάρα; Could someone shed some light on this?


Παίξει is not the problem, actually. The problem is that in Greek we don't use the definite article for that. We say παίζω κιθάρα, παίζω πιάνο and not την κιθάρα, το πιάνο.


The ability to play the guitar is something ongoing, continuous, and therefore needs the imperfective aspect (http://www.asteri.ws/en/verb/aspect-en.html).


How do I know whether in the English sentence 'does he know how to play the guitar' it is referring to in general or a specific guitar. The answer is not accepted in Greek with the definite article.


Right. Seems like if the engliah sentenxe includea the definite article, then the greek should too. Otherwise omit the definite article in the English because we have no way to know.


In this instance, the first drop-down menu suggestion for "know how to play" is ξέρει. (And elsewhere, "he knows how to save money" boils down acceptably to "ξέρει την αποταμίευση.") Yet here, ξέρει την κιθάρα is red-screened. Is this version really incorrect? Edit Would some kindly moderator please shed a little light on why my version gets the red screen every time? Is it really because of the article here, too?


This one is messed up! Daniel what you wrote is correct! There is more that one way to say this

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