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"I would like some information, please."

Translation:Θέλω μία πληροφορία παρακαλώ.

October 25, 2016



Why is the El sentence in the indicative when the En is in the conditional?


Shouldn't the translation of I would like be more like Θα ήθελα than simple I want / θέλω


I find it very unique here that "μία" is used to mean "some". Would "λίγο" also be appropriate in this case?


I think it's like German Auskunft or Information -- the word does not mean exactly the same as the English uncountable noun "information" but is instead a count noun, something like "one piece of information".


Since the English sentence has "some information", I don't see any reason why only "μία πληροφορία" is accepted, and "μερικές πληροφορίες" και "κάποιες πληροφορίες" are not. I've reported it.


I agree with Jimbo 236 and am surprised there has been no comment from the mod.

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