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  5. Es fehlen keine Eier.


Es fehlen keine Eier.

can someone please explaine to me that sentence? I didn't get the structure of it.

June 17, 2012



My guess is that it translates as "There are no eggs missing", sort of like how "es gibt keine Eier" translates as "there are no eggs". As for explaining it, maybe somebody else will come along : )


"Es fehlen Eier" --> "there are eggs are missing" "Es fehlen keine Eier" --> "there are no eggs missing"


Please correct me if i am wrong, i don't understand why the verb is plural. I would say "Es fehlt keine Eier" or "Keine Eier fehlen"


Why is it "es fehlen" and not "es fehlt"?


"Es fehlt" translates as "it lacks" - in this context, it means "it lacks no eggs", which would be translated into normal English as "No eggs are missing". If you say "Es fehlt mir keine Eier", literally "It lacks for me no eggs", it means "I'm not missing any eggs"


This one confused me too, I wrote "It is missing no eggs" and was marked wrong. Is there an easy trick to knowing when "Es" doesn't translate to "it"?

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