"I am fine."

Translation:Tôi khỏe.

October 25, 2016



When would this app make up its mind? One moment the correct response is "Tôi khoẻ" and the next moment the correct response is "tôi thì khoẻ". Ugh


What about tôi on? It also meant I'm fine as I recall? Is this ever used?


In the north they use "on" more than in central and south vietnam. In central and southern vietnam we tend to use "khoe" but they are used interchangeably. "On" just means "i'm fine/okay/alright/nothing's wrong" so you can translate it as such.


YES, this is also correct, weird that they have not made it an answer yet


What's the difference between tôi khoẻ, tôi ổn, and tôi thì ổn? I've seen all three in a single lesson, hah.


tôi khoẻ = I am fine (of good health)

tôi ổn = I am okay (of fair health).

tôi thì ổn = I am okay (as opposed to someone else) or "I, on the other hand, am okay".


Why not "Tôi là khoẻ." ? Why "thì" ?


là is only used for equating yourself with another noun.

Tôi thì khoẻ can mean "I (on the other hand) am fine" or "I am fine".


Trong tiếng Việt từ "tôi" và "tao" như nhau, why not?


Tao is only used between friends of a similar age or by someone older than another to refer to themself. Using "tao" with older people is considered rude unless you're close friends.


Why doesn't the Vietnamese course have buttons for special characters on the English->Vietnamese exercises like the French/German/Portuguese etc courses have? God knows we need it, and I keep on just barely skating by with what it thinks are typos without actually registering for my memory what the tones are and how to mark them


I dont have a problem


Use Vietnamese keyboard and for some characters use definite consonants after vowels, e.g. j makes a lowline point in previous vowel, like ọ . r makes strange sign like ẻ, etc for ALL characters for previous vowels


Khoẻ wasnt even in the answers available for me


My Vietnamese gf doesnt agree with this. Thi isnt even a suggestion.

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