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"Her husband reads a newspaper."

Translation:Ο άντρας της διαβάζει μία εφημερίδα.

October 25, 2016



Hm. What is the difference to The man reads to her a newspaper? Is there any? According to these exercises not.


That would be Ο άντρας τής διαβάζει μια(ν) εφημερίδα with an accent on the τής to differentiate the two.


This whole section is not very clear, my understanding is i need to add an accent when it is 'to someone' as in τής τού. Then ommiting the accent when it concerns possession 'Η γυναίκα της'. But following that understanding is difficult to do when for example his wife reads to him, i feel like i am cautioned in certain expressions for using the accent and for not using it, how can i make sense of this ?


Is it OK to not use an indefinite article before εφημεριδα in that sentence?

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Yes, it is. :)


Does there need to be a accent over the word μία or can it be without the accent.


Μία and μια mean the exact same thing. You can use either the one or the other, whatever suits you. ^.^

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