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I think it would be nice if there were discussion sections for each of the web translation pages. One comes across lots of interesting grammar anomalies and such there, I'd find it extrememly helpful and convenient to have forum threads handy, same as we already have for lessons. Who's with me?

June 17, 2012



One for each translation page doesn't seem feasible, there are way too many and they're constantly adding new ones and taking out finished ones. I would like maybe a chat box on the translation page for each language that everyone translating can join, so we can chat in real time about the sentences.


+1 for the chat feature! Yes, I suppose a thread for each translation page is something of a pipe dream. Maybe I need a better pipe.


yep a chat may prove helpfull, when translating but for people speakin the same language!

I would note that it may help cheating, maybe a chat window just after submitt the answer.

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