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  5. "What is orange?"

"What is orange?"

Translation:Mi narancssárga?

October 25, 2016



It's always a bit worrisome when Duolingo gets philosophical.


Why is "van" not used in this sentence?


I think it applies to the van/vannak rule where it isn't needed. I just got burned with Mi van narancssárga? myself. At least I remember that "van" had to be as close to the question word as possible!


When I think orange I think citrus\citrom so keep mixing these up. Need to think the lemon kind of citrus.

[deactivated user]

    When tpdoes one use narancs and when does one use narancssarga? Both see to be colours


    narancs is the fruit

    narancssárga is the color (orange-yellow)
    Or narancsszín(ű) (orange-color(ed)) if you prefer to more clearly separate it from (citrom)sárga


    Come on, this is a weird sentence in English, and can be interpreted several ways. I, for one, read it as "what is the color orange" (such as, "please describe this color to me"). It could also mean "what is it that is orange in color", which seems to be how Duo wants it translated. I would suggest just avoiding such ambiguous questions if possible.

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