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  5. "Der Richter liest die Zahl."

"Der Richter liest die Zahl."

Translation:The judge reads the number.

February 10, 2013



Why so many words for number? Nummer, Zahl, An-something...Is there any difference in their usage? The lesson doesn't make it clear


Zahl is any mathematical number -- you do arithmetic and so on with them.

Anzahl is an integer value (it's a type of Zahl)

Nummer is a number that names something -- house number, player #3 on a sports team.

For more, see the discussion at this link -- Hutschi and berndf give by far the best answers: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=1206849


Super answer! Here, have a lingot :)


I don't undrestand what is meant by "figure" or "number" and why a judge would be reading it. Does anyone have any insight on this?


This number may be the number of years which the convicted will spend in custody.


"Rate" isn't in the hints, but "pay" is along with "figure." Why is pay not accepted? Unnatural? Connotation?


I'm not sure what "read the numbers" means in this context. Does it mean: 1. The judge literally read the numbers. 2. The judge read the numbers out loud (e.g., the judge "read the sentence" means he said it out loud.) 3. "Read the numbers" as in "evaluated," i.e., "Yes, I received the report. I read the numbers and things don't look good."


I think DL isn't trying so much to make you understand and memorize specific sentences, but rather teach you how to construct a sentence on your own. If you understand the rules of how each part of the sentence works then you will be able to form your own.

That's why I try not to look too deeply into the meaning of the sentences but how the sentences are constructed.


Couldn't it be plural, "the numbers"? I understand the word is feminine, but in the hint it says number, numbers. Do you guys think it's just a mistake and it should accept?


Not a native speaker, but:

die Zahl = the number
die Zahlen = the numbers

Zahl is plural in the same sense of "number" being plural. "A number of them were injured" --- more than one, but uncountable.


Well, at least he knows how to count...


Rate isnt in the hints, but number is, and i said number and still got it wrong...


I mistyped' 'reads' as 'read' (predictive text) which was wrong but Duo says it should be "scans";


What about "The judge reads the charge" ? It seems more likely.

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