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  5. "Dewi Lingo is the wettest."

"Dewi Lingo is the wettest."

Translation:Dewi Lingo yw'r gwlypa.

October 26, 2016



why is 'mae dewi lingo yw'r gwlypa' not acceptable?


I know it's a year later, but I think it's because you're repeating the "be-verb" here by using both mae and yw.


Yes. You need an emphatic sentence with a superlative, and that (yw in this case) goes in the middle. You do not use an extra verb at the beginning as well.

I think that historically there would have been a verb at the beginning, as that is the basic word order in Welsh, but it would have been a different verb, and I don't even know if anyone knows what it was.


It was raining, of course, so they all got a bit wet. But then Dewi fell into the Taff....


A person is the wettest??

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Remember in Wales, it always rains, so when Dewi goes out with his friends there's a risk he could come back and be the wettest of the group, especially if he's forgotten his coat, as he tends to do.


My answer was accepted using "gwlypaf". I feel like I've seen other words that seem to have an optional F at the end (like "pentre/pentref", I want to say, maybe?). Can anyone tell me when this F is used or not used? Is it just a dialect difference or...?


In the colloquial register, a final -f is often not pronounced or only very lightly pronounced. It is often dropped in colloquial writing.

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