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What does it mean to vote a document up or down?

Is that a vote on whether we like the article, or the translation?

February 10, 2013



I think it is best to vote for a document based on its translatability. For instance, some sentences contain a lot of numbers with few words connecting them, which makes it hard to understand the context. It also depends on how a text is split up; are sentences still grammatical and are related sentences kept together? Long sentences may be hard to translate, but that may depend on preference so some people might like to translate those. Don't downvote a document too easily, because people with a different taste might like them.


Thanks for your reply, Lenkvist. I haven't voted on any documents, either up or down, because I didn't know what the votes would mean. Most online voting has an obvious purpose; this one doesn't. Duolingo staff, any of you reading this? Probably just a short sentence or phrase after "Do you like this document?" is all that's needed to explain the voting.


You're welcome, thanks for asking the question. I haven't voted on any documents either, because there doesn't seem much purpose at the moment. I hope you get more replies, because I'm interested in what other people think.


I suspect people are voting on whether they like the article, because all the fashion blog ones are heavily downvoted. Which is a shame, because I find those fun to translate (even if I don't agree with what they're saying).

It would be interesting to know what effect the votes have. I don't usually vote on anything because I don't know what it means.


It means if you liked the document. Devs shouldn't drop downvoted documents, I'd say it's not fair.

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