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"It is what he is talking about."

Translation:C'est ce dont il parle.

February 10, 2013



what about the answer "c'est ce qu'il parle"?


This translation would be "this is what i speak." However, to translate "this is what i speak ABOUT" one would use the translation "de" for about but since one cannot end a sentence with a preposition "dont" must be used. (C'est ceci dont il parle.)


Thanks. Very useful!


Or why not 'c'est qu'il parlant de'


In French one cannot end a sentence with a proposition. This is why they have words like "dont" which means (of which) that comes before the second subject. "These are the shoes i dream of." Becomes, " Ces chaussures sont les uns dont je rêve."


Why would duquel not work here? Because there is no previous reference?


in the previous lessons i learned that only "cela" and "ca" can stand alone. Now ther is "ce" alone. Why?


"Ce" can also stand alone, it's the masculine singular demonstrative adjective.

"Ce" means "this" or "that" and is used for masculine words (eg. "ce mur" means "this/that wall"). "Cette" is used for feminine words (eg. "cette voiture" means "this/that car"). "Ces" is the plural form (eg. "ces chats" means "these/those cats").

These should not be confused with "ça" (don't forget to use the cedilla-c: ç!), "ceci/cela" etc. For more information, see: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/adjectives_demonstrative.htm http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/indefinite-demonstrative-pronoun.htm


Thanks for this link Natka01 and thanks particularly to sitesurf for taking the time and explain these things in detail for us. I truly appreciate all that she does. God bless


Maybe I misunderstood something or Iv already forgot it: but i remember one of the users telling me ce is an adjective it cannot stand alone only with a noun (ce voiture), cela and ca are pronouns so they can stand alone. So according to that, this should ne C'est ca dont il parle, if I am not mistaken.


Why doesn't auquel (etc.) work here instead of dont?


It's about which is the same as "of" which is "de". Auquel is "to" not "of"


I am sure this has been asked a billion times. Still, I don't get it. Why "c'est" and not "il est" in this case? Is there an easy to remember formula? I hope so :)


Where's the "about" ? I put.... C'est ce dont il "en" parle........ Ça marche non ?


Parle de means talk about or speaking of.

Dont replaces object following de.


Thanks, so even though DE is not there DONT replaces it.... literal translation ...It's what he's talking (about).


What about "c'est dont ce qu'il parle"?

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