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Japanese Like a Native - [Lesson 2 : What's for Dinner?]

Welcome to the second lesson in my Introductory Japanese course, "Japanese Like a Native" (Click Here for the Full Directory). I'm Lily, the author of this series, and a Japanese high schooler with a passion for learning and teaching languages.

Today, we will be discussing the issue of food. As a kid, we're all taught in science class that all organisms need food. And that, of course, includes us. As this is a survival Japanese course, I will be teaching you the most important things you need to get through life in Japan, which includes food, hotels, and everything else.

In Japan, there are all sorts of restaurants to visit. Teppanyaki, sushi, and udon are only a few. But what is the purpose of all those mouthwatering dishes, if you can't have any? So let's get started on our per-lesson vocabulary, aye? ^-^

  • Sumimasen, _____ wo kudasai. : Excuse me, I would like _____, please.
  • Supecialuzu ga arimasuka? : Do you have any specials?
  • _____ ga arimasuka? : Do you have _____?
  • Chuumon shitai desu. : I would like to order.
  • Ni zutsu no teeburu shimasu. : I would like a table for two.
  • Kore wa _____ desu ka? : Is this _____?
  • Watashi ga haraimasu. : I will pay.
  • _____ wa oikura desu ka? : How much is the _____?
  • Gochisousama deshita. : (Just something you say after a meal, no direct translation)
  • Itadakimasu! : (Just something you say before a meal, no direct translation)
  • Oishii : Delicious
  • Sake : Rice wine
  • Ocha : (Japanese) Green tea
  • Oshouyu : Soy sauce
  • Osatou : Sugar
  • Koohee : Coffee

Now you can order a delicious dinner for yourself, then sit down and enjoy some hot ocha with your friends. Before doing so, however, why don't we go through today's skit, featuring Kiyomi and Erica in a restaurant? Enjoy!

  • Kiyomi : Nee, Erica-san, ohirugohan e isshoni ikitai?
  • Erica : Hai! Doko e ikitai?
  • Kiyomi : Kono restoran.
  • Waitress : Konnichiwa, oikaga desuka?
  • Kiyomi : Ni zutsu no teeburu wo shimasu.
  • Waitress : Hai, hai, dozou.
  • Erica : Eeetoo......supecialuzu ga arimasuka?
  • Waitress : IIe. Kyou wa supecialuzu ga arimasen.
  • Kiyomi : Makizushi ga arimasuka?
  • Waitress : Hai, arimasu. Ocha to issho?
  • Kiyomi : Hai, arigatou.
  • Erica : Sumimasen, oshouyu wo kudasai!
  • Kiyomi : Douzo.
  • Erica : Arigatou.
  • Kiyomi and Erica : Itadakimasu!!!
  • Kiyomi : Gohan wa oishii desu ka?
  • Erica : Hai, oishii desu. Arigatou!

I've added some extra vocabulary to give you an opportunity to see how they are used in a conversation. Some additional words you have learnt from this skit are:

  • Ohirugohan : Lunch
  • Doko e ikitai? : Where do you want to go?
  • Kono restoran. : This restaurant.
  • Oikaga desuka? : May I help you?
  • _____ ga arimasen : We don't have _____.
  • _____ to isshou? : Would you like _____ with it?
  • Gohan : Food

I hope you enjoyed today's lesson! That's all for today, as I have given you a lot of things to learn and remember. Some of you have been asking me to give you "homework", and I thought, why not? So here is today's homework - write a dialogue between a waitress/waiter and customer, using the words and phrases covered till now. I'm looking forward to seeing all of your progress, jaa ne!! ^-^

Signing out, HFM2402

October 26, 2016



Thanks Krisha!!! ^-^

This took like an hour. XP


Yay for another Japanese lesson! :) I have finished learning the words. :)

Question: I read somewhere that Gochisousama deshita is used after a meal, as a praise to the person who has cooked the meal. A compliment, in other words. Did I get it right, or is there another interpretation to this phrase? :)

When I think of Japanese food, Ramen is the first food item that comes to my mind... (yum!)
Image from Naruto

I am continuing my conversation featuring Inuyasha and Kagome. ^_^
Background: Inuyasha is a character from 500 years from the current year. One day, Kagome brings him some items from her modern period. This is how their conversation goes...

Kagome: Inuyasha, konnichiwa! :)
Inuyasha: I am hungry!
Kagome: Hai, hai! Doko e ikitai?
Inuyasha: Anou, kono restoran
Inside a ramen shop.
Kagome: Suimasen, ramen wo kudasai.
Shopowner: Hai!
Kagome: Anou..Supecialuzu ga arimasuka?
Shopowner: Miso ramen!
Kagome: Chuumon shiitai desu miso ramen.
Inuyasha: Kore wa ramen desu ka?
Kagome: Uh-huh!
Inuyasha: Itadakimasu!
While eating...
Kagome: Inuyasha, oshouyu to isshou? :)
Inuyasha: Hai! Oishii! ^_^
After meal
Inuyasha: Gochisousama deshita
Kagome:Ramen wa oikura desu ka?
Shopowner: 100¥
Kagome: Watashi ga haraimasu! Arigatou! :)


Great job Anneysha!! ^-^

About your interpretation of "gochisousamaseshita", it is absolutely correct. It also thanks whoever has been part of the preparation of the food, such as the farmers, fishermen, and so on.

Keep up the fantabulous work!!!


I love Naruto!!! Nice scenes from Inuyasha too. And you've got it all down.


Would you really say "をありますか" ? I thought ある was intransitive. I would definitely use は/が there.


Oh yes, that was a mistake on my part. >.<

I didn't actually sound it out, and got a little confused, not using Japanese script.

Merci beaucoup for catching my mistake, and a lingot to you!! ^-^


Another minor mistake is that いただきます -> doesn't need a double t in the transliteration, it should be simply "itadakimasu".


The thing is, I don't use typical romaji. I spell it how it's pronounced. ^-^


Well, romaji are phonetic, as kana are. That "t" isn't usually pronounced as a double "t". I would only say いっただきます if I wanted to sound especially excited or something.


I guess you have a point. : )


Hi HFM2402, can I help in these Japanese lessons? My native languages are English and Japanese, so I'm very fluent in both. Thanks! :)


Hey Ryan!! ^-^

Me too!! It's really nice to meet someone like me. I really appreciate your offer, but I honestly don't work with others as well as I o on my own. >.<

Please don't take offense, I'd like to get to know you. Thanks again!!


No problem! No offense taken.


I love this language...


Thanks Ciro!! ^-^

Hey, I'm sorry for disappearing so suddenly. : (

I went for a minute, and my brother closed my laptop.


Thank you so much for understanding. >.<

Buena noches!! ^-^

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