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Feedback: ABC in Greek (beta release) needs better separation of skills.

I'm glad to be studying modern Greek. I've studied classical Greek and maths and I've known the Greek alphabet for nearly 50 years.

I find the way the ABC section is currently organised is quite obstructive to learning. Please consider making it just about a single letter at a time. Focus simply on either the letter or the name of the greek letter, not both. Mixing pairs of articles and words in with letters and names of letters is just confusing at this stage.

I like that it is tolerant of responding with either the letter or its name. I don't know whether that's beneficial. :-)

I find the similar sounds hard to distinguish. It might work well to exercise a list of similar sounding letters with their equivalents, but not until strengthening.

Other languages do this better. As this is a beta release, it's not too late to fix this very important stage of learning.

Overall, by the time we reach animals, the exercises seem more helpful.

October 26, 2016


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Thank you very much for your input it is helpful and appreciated. One of the reasons Duo has the Beta phase is just so we can iron out these wrinkles and you advice will be taken into account. We look forward to your other views.


Thanks. I feel the lesson on parts of speech (POS) is too early. I'd like to meet adverbs in Greek before I have need to talk about them. A better place for this lesson might be at the 20-38 skills mark, or even as a bonus lesson (via lingots if I remember, I have done a couple in French) to do when we want. At the start, I just need every day words :-) such as a 3-5 year old needs to know.

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