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"Die Information muss es entscheiden."

February 10, 2013



I would rather translate "Die Information muss es entscheiden." it into "It must decide the information" or "she must decide the information" (Es could stay for Mädchen)

I cannot think how an information can decide something.

Any opinion about it?


Literally speaking you are correct to point that out (and it may be the case that the duolingo translation has muddled things here), however, within a certain context the above English could make sense in a figurative manner of speaking. For example, in the run up to an official decision (e.g. a referendum or a trial) the release of important information could be said to be a deciding factor.

I hope that helps.


Infomation does not define anything or?


In English, it means that the decision must be based on the information.


... and it means the same in German. Whether this is the most elegant way to express the idea is a different question.

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