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Assignments pending after due date

Hi there,

I had an assignment for one of my classes read as pending now for a week even though it was due a week ago. It is fine in my other classes. It seems as if it has frozen. Have any ideas how I can unfreeze it? I am able to click on each student to see their progress but it doesn't update them in the main classroom.


October 26, 2016



I'm having the same issue with some of my classes. Commenting to bump this up on the thread. I have parent teacher conferences next week too!


I'm wondering the same. I normally get a weekly email for each class and I can usually track it on the Dashboard as well, but some of my last week assignments still say "Pending," so I've lost 2 tracking functions since last Monday when I realized an update was made allowing us to post-date the start of assignments; and, I'm glad for that. Something, however, is awry.


I'm having the same problems as above with one of my assignments. Can we please get an admin response?


Hi everyone! We are aware of this issue and it is high on our priority list of bugs to fix—if all goes smoothly it should be corrected in the next week or so. Sorry for the trouble it may have caused you and check back in about it soon!


Hi, any update on this? I'm having this problem with almost all of my scheduled assignments.


Another thread for the "Pending" issue is currently running here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/18587657

I am having the same issue. I assigned 10-day assignments to five different classes. It's 7 days in, and I have just realized that only one of the five worked! The other four are pending. What a nightmare!

I know a fix is in the works, but in the meantime, how can I tell which students have been working on the assignment and which haven't? This was worked up as a really important assignment in my classrooms, and it would be very unfair to my students if I don't count their work. Any help or suggestions would be so appreciated!


I keep track manually. For example: Friday morning I pull up the classroom and then do a manual tally. It does take a bit of time, but it has cut down on the issues with the bug. Plus with this I can do a leaderboard for top XP and top XP gained for the time period. The kids love the leaderboards posted in my room.


Update: this should now be fixed. When we fixed it, it is possible that accumulated emails that had been waiting to be sent went out. If your students cannot see their assignments, please have them see this.

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