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Spanish Bonus Skill Idea: Travel

To me, the bonus skills you can buy with lingots is underwhelming to say the least. I think they should add more skills to buy, like a Travel skill. It focuses on things that would be very useful when traveling overseas, such as phrases like "I'm allergic to shellfish", "Where's flight 104?", "Could you take a photo for me?", etc.. Even if some of this does exist in the Duolingo skill tree, I think it should be accessible to people in early levels, especially if they are going overseas in a few months. Also, the English for Spanish speakers course includes it, so why not Spanish for English? If you like this, upvote to get a mod's attention!

October 26, 2016



I think this idea has been brought up in the past. If I remember correctly, there is no travel bonus skill because many English speakers would stop using Duolingo after finishing that skill. This might not be a problem for the English for Spanish speakers course because the demand to be fluent in English is greater.


I've read other topics about this as well, but they could consider other subjects like sports, cultural differences, history (maybe add some bonus skill slots later in the tree for the past tense can be important).


I just have a question...Do they just have two bonus skills? And if they just have two bonus skills, then why is there an extra gap in that section?


In previous years a Christmas set has been offered.


Cool. I'll keep my eyes open for this.

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