"Não posso atender o telefone neste momento."

Translation:I cannot answer the phone right now.

February 16, 2014



I can't attend the phone right now. .. is wrong. Should that be the case?

February 16, 2014


I've heard people say that, but it really should be "attend to" and not simply "attend".

February 16, 2014


I said "attend to" and it didn't accept it :(

November 11, 2014


a general rule of thumb is to avoid contractions in english. DL doesn't seem to like them

February 1, 2015


I can't come to the phone just now. Or I can't answer the phone right now. NO English speaker would say 'attend to the phone'!

February 18, 2019


It might not be the common way to say it "attend to the phone" - but there is nothing incorrect - and there do exist people who would us the phrase - but it is a rather formal thing. For exemple the boss is getting a call, but he does not want to answer - he instruct his secretary: Tell Mr. so and so that I cannot attend to the phone right now.

February 19, 2019
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