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"Ik eet vijf boterhammen per dag."

Translation:I eat five sandwiches per day.

October 26, 2016



No it is a lie Dutch people eat at least six sandwiches a day.


And all of them are with nothing but a slice of gouda


Would it be possible to say "Ik eet vijf boterhammen een dag" like in English? Or does it have to be per?


Hello JedBeyer, I am here to answer your doubt about this Dutch sentence. If we take into account that the translation of the Dutch word "een" means a/an ( an indeterminate article). It "only" combines together with a noun phrase (determinate + noun) for instance: " een appel" (an apple). You cannot see it making the role of an adverb of frenquency. So, the correct sentence in Dutch should be: "per dag." I hope to help you in something :D Have a nice day!


That can't be good for you...


Yeah. Who is supposed to live off so few sandwiches a day? This certainly cannot be healthy.


Dat is veel botterhammen eten!


is it more common to say boterham or sandwich?

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