"Where are you chatting?"

Translation:Te hol beszélgetsz?

October 26, 2016

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I put "Hol te beszélgetesz?" When should I add the emphasizing word of "te" and when should I omit it? It is hard to know emphasis from the initial phrase.


There's not much question about "emphasis" with a question like this. The question word hol has to come right before the verb. That leaves just two possible orders for the sentence, if you include the pronoun, both of which are fine: Te hol beszélgetsz? or Hol beszélgetsz te?

Note also that you don't need a linking vowel here: It's beszélgetsz, not beszélget-e-sz.


Thanks! That makes sense.


I like this: te hol beszelgetsz? for singular you, but unless the person is talking to himself, it would need to be the plural you in English, in which case: Hol beszelgetek? should be correct.


Hol beszélgettek? with a double t for the plural, familiar form.

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